Saw you in Boston with my daughter and her cousins, who are teenagers. We were laughing at your song Crazy Monkey Day. The next week I had a party…I made it a Crazy Monkey Day party! I downloaded your song, got monkey decorations and a toy monkey with symbols…everyone LOL. Thanks for making a fun day!”
"Ayden, thank you for being such a wonderful musician" he would say every Saturday. Jeff Jam is a perfect example of person who can combine work and hobby together and make a bomb out of it (such a dream!) We love u for ur endless passion for music as well as children's musical development!” - R.I.
Jeff is one of our favorite local performers who plays sing alongs at a nearby toy store. He is so much fun and full of energy and that really comes through in his CD, too. Elephant Shoes is a great album for families looking for classic kids´ music, from Oh! Susanna to Miss Lucy & The Lady with the Alligator Purse and everything in between. Of course, my favorite song is his original Crazy Monkey Day. ” -
Children at our preschool graduation and center wide family potluck dinner danced, sang along, clapped their hands and above all had a really great time. Thanks Jeff for being up beat, flexible, and lots of fun. ” - Carrie, Children's Hospital Child Care Center
Thank you so much for making Georgia´s birthday extra special. You are AMAZING at what you do. The kids (and parents) loved it!!! ” - Nicky
Thank you for the wonderful performance …I have received many enthusiastic compliments from our patrons, young and old. Thank you again for a most enjoyable afternoon. ” - Jennifer, The Leach Library, Londonderry, NH
Thanks for the songs and the love that you give all the children. Your music has enriched many children’s lives, including my grandson, Samuel. Your songs are like the sun that keeps us warm and happy inside. ” - Tina
I am an Early childhood Montessori teacher in Mantua, Italy. The children absolutely love Jeff’s voice and style. Miss Lucy And The Lady With The Alligator Purse, Crazy Monkey Day, My Favorite… They have tones of fun creating dance moves and have impressively improved their English. Grazie Jeff!! ” - Ana
Thanks so much for the show, Jeff! We were expecting a big crowd but that definitely exceeded our expectations. ” - Liz Fraser, Belmont Public Library
Just wanted to say what a wonderful time we all had on Sunday: thank you! I’ve had emails, texts and phone calls from so many friends to say how much they loved your playing and how happy they were to see their kids so over-the-moon…One friend, whose daughter is often pretty reserved, was thrilled to see her little girl call out animal suggestions to “Old MacDonald” and dance her heart out with the other kids…And our sweet birthday boy got to rock out with his parents and friends to celebrate his first birthday — a memorable moment for all of us, to say the least. Thank you again for making our day so special.” - Ravit
Thanks for playing Alessa’s party, Jeff. You were a big hit. Hayden talked about you for the rest of the day, even though she was so shy with you. We love how you sang Allee Galloo with everyone’s names in it. You have a great way with kids!”